“Every child in my place should be a part of the community school so that they can also gain knowledge as I gained”

Solanki Tara Ashok Bhai

These are the words of Solanki Tara Ashok Bhai, 14 years old girl who studies in 9th grade. She lives in Behrampura Ahmedabad. She is coming from a very poor family. Her father is a daily wage employee and he is a severe alcoholic. Tara’s mother engaged as a manual laborer in a vegetable market.

Due to social constraints, Tara was not allowed to go much further from her house. A community school is very near to her house and Sanchetana staff being known to her mother helped her to join a community school in 2019. Tara was one of the most regular students in our educational program. Along with regular environment and science classes, she also took up robotics training organized over the period of three months. Though being in the 9th grade, she was not much familiar with applied science and technology.

During the time of training, she understood the applicability of science in understanding the nature and environment, technology, LED Drivers, the use of breadboard, building circuit, and stable robotic models. Probably inspired by her own constraint, Tara wants toinnovateSignal based sandals for girls with a switch. So girls can press the switch in any trouble, which shall send the signal to police or parents. Tara believes that this innovation can create a safe space for girls where they can travel far from the home with safety. She wants to learn more about science and applied science to make this a reality.

Written by,

Sanchetana Team