Nakul and other students at community class (file picture)

Nakul Natvarbhai Parmar, a 13-year-old boy lives in Rahim Rahim Tekra, Behrampura, Ahmedabad. Nakul has been a participant in the Community School of the Sanchetana since 2019. There has been a lot of change in him since his association. He is an active participant in all our activities and initiatives in the community. As a leader, he very actively attends community school and maintains environmental cleanliness in his area, and motivates others to do the same. Nakul continues to take community class lessons through Zoom during the corona lockdown.

But unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation deteriorated Nakul’s family’s financial condition. At this young age, he had to drop his education and support his father to earn. Nakul assists his family by packing face masks and doing other labor work at the company where his father works. He earns 5000 rupees per month. Even though he is going through a tough time, he is not ready to drop his courage towards learning. As he gets a holiday on Sundays, he participates in various community events with other children in Sanchetana. He attends community school on Sundays afternoons. He learns different creative activities including health information.

This is not only Nakul’s story, there are many children who lost their education due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Written by,

Neel Chavada, Intern Sanchetana CHRC

Sanchetana Community Health and Research Centre is a grassroots level nonprofit organization working with slum communities of Ahmedabad Gujarat