Fathimabanu stays in Behrampura (Bombay hotel area) situated next to the dumping site of Ahmedabad. She joined Sanchetana as a Community Development Volunteer(CDV) in the year 2003. She has three kids and her husband is a Rickshaw driver. The eldest girl has passed the twelfth standard and she is a youthful girl. The youngest child has passed the 10th. According to Fatemabanu, there has been a good change in her family after she joined Sanchetana. Knowledge about menstruation, anemia, and numerous different infections has helped improve their health. Numerous convictions like periods are dirty, Jaggery produces heat in the body, have now changed to a piece of more scientific knowledge. She is able to help her daughters a lot with these gained insights. She is grateful to Sanchetana for a change in the attitude of her husband. Now he does not expect their girls to stay in a burqa and rather permits them for higher education. The greatest blessing according to her of being a part of Sanchetana is that they chose not to get their girls married at a young age. Her girls have joined and learned from various courses like henna, Computer, etc from our Vocational center. Their association with Sanchetana has brought a subtle change in their own mindset and their family.

From the inputs of the Sanchetana team story written by,

Dr. Neha Jagtap, Intern, Sanchetana CHRC

Sanchetana Community Health and Research Centre is a grassroots level nonprofit organization working with slum communities of Ahmedabad Gujarat