Aafrin stays in Danalimdi ward (Bombay hotel area) situated next to the dumping site of Ahmedabad. She became acquainted with Sanchetana during her schooling and got herself enlisted in a beauty parlor course in Sanchetana’s Vocational Training Centre. Later she got her elder sister enrolled for henna and her younger sister for English-speaking classes and robotics. Following them, she was able to convince her sister’s friends to join Sanchetana to learn English and enhance their knowledge. Information about anemia, menstruation, etc. gained during the training process helped enhance their health. She then joined Sanchetana as a team member and began working in the field. In 2 months of the time period, she was capable enough to impart training to the girls with the insight necessary for improving their wellbeing and to confidently move about in society. During COVID- 19, she actively participated in creating awareness about the preventive measures to be followed. After joining Sanchetana, she learned from many courses and is grateful for having such a positive change in her outlook.

Aafrin during her health club session

From the inputs of the Sanchetana team story written by,

Dr. Neha Jagtap

Intern, Sanchetana CHRC

Sanchetana Community Health and Research Centre is a grassroots level nonprofit organization working with slum communities of Ahmedabad Gujarat